Welcome to the New Generations

Welcome! We are pleased to introduce you to Generations, ASA’s new digital platform. This is your one-stop for:

  • Generations Journal, providing quarterly in-depth research and comprehensive perspectives on relevant and important topics in aging. Each issue features articles and program profiles written and edited by leaders in the aging sector. The Summer 2020 edition is on housing as a critical pillar of aging, a topic made all the more relevant during this pandemic.
  • Generations Today (formerly Aging Today), covering current trends and people impacting the field of aging through OpEds, feature articles, profiles, and first-person pieces. You can expect a new edition every other month, as always. 
  • Generations Now (formerly Age Blog), featuring short-form, member-driven commentary on the timeliest aging-related issues. Check back often for the latest posts. 
  • Generations Bylines, ASA’s new podcast, that goes beyond the pages to talk with authors who bring us aging-related news, research, and books. 

Moving to a digital platform increases the accessibility and reach of our publications. We hope you will love the ease of sharing an article through email or on Twitter, posting readings online for your students, and having fewer stacks of paper to recycle. Plus, each issue will have a communications plan spelling out how we will market to non-members, which authors we may feature on ASA’s new podcast, Bylines, and how certain articles will cross-link to other content.   

As we finalize the design and functionality of Generations over the coming months, we want to hear your feedback. Please take a quick survey by clicking here.

For more questions or concerns, please visit our About and Frequently Asked Questions page.

We are so grateful to have a society full of members who are as excited by the possibilities this brings as we are, and we hope you love the new platform!