Spring 2024

Spring 2024

Inside Spring 2024 Generations Journal

Mental Health, Aging, and Resilience 

Our Guest Editor: Passionate About Elders’ Resilience
By Alison Biggar

Tobi Abramson

Guest Editor: Tobi Abramson

A Note of Introduction
By Tobi Abramson 

The Cultivation of Psychological Resilience as an Older Adult’s Superpower 
By Tobi Abramson and Pamela Braverman Schmidt

Alleviating Loneliness in Older Adults Through Creative Expression
By Jeremy Nobel

Post-Traumatic Growth and Aging
By Julia Weinman and Lisa M. Brown

Mental Health Literacy Among Elders: What Do We Know, What Can We Do?
By Kimberly Williams and Lisa Furst

The Impact of Ageism on Elders' Mental Health
By Tracey Gendron

Mental Health Task Sharing: Training Volunteers, Peers, and Interns
By Patrick Raue and Kiana Seresinhe

Connecting Crime and Abuse Victims to Mental Health Services
By Jo Anne Sirey, Isabel Rollandi, and Clare Culver

Unmet Mental Health Care Needs: Layered Marginalities in Older Adult Populations
By Marcia G. Hunt, Teresa Moro, and Padraic Stanley

Digital Mental Health for Older Adults: Foe or Friend?
By Saeed Hashem and Ipsit V. Vahia

Building the Geriatric Mental Health and Substance Use Workforce
By Susan Buehler and Erin E. Emery-Tiburcio

Program Spots

The E4 Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health Disparities in Aging
By Erin E. Emery-Toburcio, Susan Buehler, and Laura Donnan

The Ibasho Model of Elder Empowerment and Community Ownership
By Emi Kiyota, Christy Nishita, Yasuhiro Tanaka, Erin Ah Sue, and Helen Turner

See Me! Hear Me! Know Who I Am!
By Bonnie Genevay 

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