Summer 2024

Summer 2024

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Advancing Applied Research in Aging

Our Guest Editors: Spending Time in the Weeds, But for Worthy Outcomes
By Alison Biggar

Photo of Bonnie Ewald
Bonnie Ewald
Photo of Claire Ankuda
Claire Ankuda

Applied Research in Aging: Advancing Health Equity and Addressing Social Needs
By Bonnie Ewald and Claire Ankuda

Grounding Applied Research in Aging

Leveraging Health Services Research to Address Aging Health Equity
By Megan Huisingh-Scheetz, Naoko Muramatsu, R. Tamara Konetzka, and Marshall H. Chin

Pragmatic Clinical Trials for Dementia Care: Experience from the First 5 Years of the IMPACT Collaboratory
By Jill Harrison, Susan L. Mitchell, Ellen P. McCarthy, and Vincent Mor

Funding Basics

Funding for Practice–Research Partnerships: It’s Elementary, My Dear Watson
By Heather L. Menne and Salli J. Bollin

How Do Foundations and Funders Approach Evaluation and Impact?
By Amy R. Eisenstein

Applied Research Practices

A Balance of Art and Science: Promoting Collaborative Aging Research
By Teresa Moro, Jeannine M. Rowe, and Victoria M. Rizzo

The Camden Coalition’s Randomized Controlled Trial Reexamined
By Aaron Truchil, Dawn Wiest, and Kathleen Noonan

Examples of Program to Policy

PACE: A Case Study of Information-Driven Innovation and Care
By Rick T. Zawadski and Jennie Chin Hansen

How Research Can Influence Payment Policy
By Robert M. Zimbroff, Bruce Leff, and Albert L. Siu

Research and Community Aging Infrastructure

Data Could Now Guide Population-Based Improvements in Local Eldercare
By Nils Franco and Joanne Lynn

How States Use Data to Inform Family Caregiving Policy
By Salom Teshale and Holly Stockdale

Defining Evidence for Aging Services in a Dynamic World
By Amanda Cash and Shannon Skowronski

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