Many Voices, One Cause

As a relatively young industry, in-home care is experiencing incredible momentum. Not only were our services in high demand during the pandemic, but the care we provide is very much in the spotlight as part of the current administration’s 21st Century Caregiving and Education Workforce plan.

But what I find fascinating and rewarding is to meet the people who are drawn to the in-home care industry. They come from all walks of life to begin a new business venture that is predicated on providing compassionate care to those who need it. We refer to them as “empathetic entrepreneurs.”

Throughout the first half of 2021, SYNERGY HomeCare has continued to become more diverse with every partner who joins our franchise system. From financial planning to corporate wellness to healthcare accounting to car sales, our 2021 cohort is bringing a wealth of varied experience and new ways of thinking about how to move our industry forward.

These new perspectives in our franchise partners will be critical as we foster innovations in how we operate and go to market. We may have many voices, but we are joined in a common cause and that makes me very excited about what lies ahead for the growing older adult population.

Below are a few examples of empathetic entrepreneurs who represent a breadth of diverse careers, yet all share a desire to serve people who want to age in place.

Jeb and Martha Butler
SYNERGY HomeCare of North County
San Marcos, Calif.

Jeb had a long career in orthopedic surgical supply sales and recognized that in-home care was a growth industry that might benefit from his sales background. Martha had cared for her late dad, and her mom now lives in an assisted living facility, so they have seen firsthand the value a company like SYNERGY HomeCare can bring to clients and families.

Tom Nelson
SYNERGY HomeCare in Campbell–Los Gatos
Greater San Jose, Calif. 

After a rewarding career spanning national corporate wellness, adaptive physical education for people with disabilities and referral-based medical fitness centers, Tom saw an incredible opportunity to apply his experience in a field with increasing demand. San Jose has a wide-open market with room for expansion that will afford Tom the privilege of serving a growing population of older adults with the personalized care they need to maintain their quality of life.

Dan and Kathy Root
SYNERGY HomeCare of Rutherford County
Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Dan Root spent the bulk of his career in organizational transformation, strategy and performance improvement, while Kathy has a background as a registered nurse and healthcare accounting consultant. As they searched for their next professional opportunity, they realized they could combine their skills to create a company focused on optimizing the employee experience to fuel client satisfaction. Their personal experience, combined with business backgrounds and a sincere belief that they can make a difference by running their company differently, played a big part in their decision to open a SYNERGY HomeCare company. 

‘Tom saw an incredible opportunity to apply his experience in a field with increasing demand.’

Michael Mantong
SYNERGY HomeCare of Huntington Beach
Huntington Beach, Calif.

Michael Mantong, a certified financial planner with more than 25 years’ experience working with clients on personalized insurance and investment solutions, is making use of his deep knowledge of long-term care in a new business venture. Over the course of his career, he also noticed the industry becoming more transactional in nature rather than relationship-based. He was drawn to eldercare because he would be able to return to a more personalized, hands-on client relationship in a field he knew well.

Sahar and Fahad Mahmood
SYNERGY HomeCare Round Rock
Austin, Texas

Sahar and Fahad Mahmood are entrepreneurial siblings who are using their recently earned college degrees in healthcare information management and healthcare administration, respectively, as they launch their in-home care company. Together, they are focused on building a team of compassionate caregivers who can grow personally and professionally at SYNERGY HomeCare Round Rock. Sahar believes the company’s philosophy will stand out because of their holistic approach to all types of care needs.

Monica and David Conroy
SYNERGY HomeCare of Lake Ridge
Alexandria, Va.

Prior to opening their SYNERGY HomeCare franchise, Monica worked in public affairs, community affairs and public relations, while David served as the general manager of the University Club of Washington, DC, for 14 years. Monica well understands the need for respite care in the United States, as her mother has Parkinson’s and her niece is autistic. David’s long history in charitable endeavors aligns with a strong desire to provide the community with quality services by fostering a strong team of caregivers who treat one another and their clients like family.

Kurt and Christine Bowman
SYNERGY HomeCare of North Leon County
Tallahassee, Fla.

Kurt’s experience lies in managing teams of large enterprises; he most recently served as the general manager of a Toyota dealership. As an occupational therapist, Christine specialized in caring for older adults in nursing homes and for children, many of whom had autism. The couple’s professional experience is complemented by their involvement in making a care plan for Kurt’s 90-year-old mother that allowed her to remain as independent as possible. They engage with their clients as if they were family, because they understand and empathize with what they are going through.

These are just a sampling of the empathetic entrepreneurs who are making a conscious decision to devote their talents and expertise to an endeavor that transcends the terms job or business venture. These entrepreneurs have committed to serving a growing population of older Americans who deserve to be valued, treated with respect and afforded dignity.

It’s immaterial how we come to be working in support of aging or what path has led us here—what matters most is that our voices unite in a common cause that is effecting change via our words and deeds.  

Charlie Young is the CEO of SYNERGY HomeCare, which is headquartered in Gilbert, Ariz.

Photo: Sahar, left, and Fahad Mahmood are siblings who run a SYNERGY HomeCare company.

Photo courtesy the Mahmoods.