ASA’s Last-minute Voting Tips

Knowing ASA Members, I suspect many of you have already voted and also have ensured that the people you serve have voted. I’m proud of ASA’s long-standing commitment to this fundamental civic duty of our democracy. For those of you who are voting today, we wanted to share some last-minute tips as you head to the polls, or provide an easy guide to share in your community:

Prepare for the polls

  • Know your state’s laws, and keep in mind some have changed this year in response to COVID-19. 
  • Make sure you have the appropriate identification required in your state.
  • Get ready for long lines with a chair, food and water.
  • Stay safe with masks, hand sanitizer, a charged cell phone and black pens.

Get to the polls

  • Know someone who needs a ride?
  • Give them a lift!
  • Lyft and Uber are offering some discounts for a ride to the polls.
  • Call your local taxi service to see if they are offering free rides or if your local nonprofit organizations are repurposing their vans for rides.

Stay at the polls

  • Once at your correct polling place, stay in line until you vote!
  • Don’t let anyone intimidate you. According to, it is illegal for anyone to:
    • Intimidate. This may include physically blocking the entrance to voting, cursing at people waiting to vote, looking over people’s shoulders while they vote, questioning voters about their choices or citizenship status and unnecessarily asking for identification.
    • Coerce. This may include offering money to vote for a certain person, spreading false rumors about candidates or voting, displaying signs with false or misleading information and impersonating poll workers.
    • Threaten. These may include comments such as “your family will be deported if you vote,” “you will be fired from your job if you vote” and “your kid won’t make the football team if you vote.”
    • Provide false information about voting requirements. Impersonate poll workers or election officials.
  • If you experience any intimidation report it to Election Protection (866-687-8683) immediately.

Just Vote

  • Don't leave until you have voted. 
  • If you are told you’re not on the voter roll, confirm that you are registered to vote and that you are at the proper polling place.
  • If you are registered and at the right site don’t leave! Call the Election Protection hotline at 1-866-687-8683 and ask for help voting.

ASA has been around for more than 15 Presidential elections, so no matter the outcome, ASA will continue to unite, empower and champion all of you the day after this election and beyond.

Please vote today.

Peter Kaldes, ASA President & CEO