Winter 2022–23

Winter 2022–23

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Generations Journal is the quarterly journal of the American Society on Aging. Each issue is devoted to bringing together the most useful and current knowledge about a specific topic in the field of aging, with emphasis on practice, research, and policy.

Inside Winter 2022–2023 Generations Journal

Sexuality & Aging: Provocative New Perspectives

Our Guest Editor: Progressive Voice on Sexuality as We Age and in Long-Term Care
By Alison Biggar

Photograph of Gayle Doll
Gayle Doll

Fifty Shades of Grey?
By Gayle Doll

Sexuality Has No Expiration Date
By Ricci Joy Levy

The Slow Evolution of Policy on Sex

The Times They Are A-Changing (Finally!)
By Daniel Reingold

The Sexual Consent Potential Model
By Nathalie Huitema and Maggie Syme

Sexuality in Australian Long-term Care
By Cindy Jones

Representations of Sexuality in Diverse Voices

Older Black Women’s Narratives on Sexuality
By Margaret Salisu

Beyond the Binary: Bisexual Sexualities in Later Life
By Sarah Jen

I Saw It in the Movies: Accurate Representations of Older Adult Sexuality in Film
By Gayle Doll

What the Researchers Don’t Tell You

When Clinicians Have No Time, or Training, Sex Shops May Be the Answer
By Ellen Barnard

Why We Need to Share Stories About Sex and Death
By Elizabeth Ann Wood

Death, Sex, and Older Partners: Moving to Pleasure
By Stephen Duclos


The Impacts of Social and Political Upheaval on Older Adults’ Sexuality: A Call to Action
By Jane Fleishman

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