Winter 2023–24

Inside Winter 2023–24 Generations Journal

Promoting Long, Healthy, and Productive Lives for Everyone

Our Guest Editor: Determined to Foster Equitable Aging
By Alison Biggar

Ernest Gonzales

Guest Editor: Ernest Gonzales

Innovations and Intergenerational Interventions

Achieving an Equitable Society Through Intergenerational Programming and Research
By Ernest Gonzales, Allison Merz, and Natalie Green

Intergenerational Programs as a Tool to Advance Equity
By Trent Stamp

Connecting Generations Is Key to Combating Loneliness and Ending Ageism
By Donna M. Butts

Intergenerational Theory as a Tool to Diversify Practice and Policy
By Shannon E. Jarrott

A Roadmap for Making the Most of Our Increasingly Multigenerational Society
By Eunice Lin Nichols and Marc Freedman

Multigenerational Advocacy Among Sexual and Gender Minorities
By Angela K. Perone

Structural Discrimination, Health, and Productive Aging

Ageism in the Productive Aging Framework
By Nancy Morrow-Howell

Intersectional Perspectives to Health and Work in Later Life
By Kendra Jason and Christina Matz

Undoing Structural Racism Among Indigenous Older Adults to Promote Health Equity
By Cliff Whetung

Ageism, Racism and Culture as Determinants of Productive Aging Among Asian/Asian American Communities
By Yeonjung Jane Lee

Consulting Program by and for Older Detroiters
By Tam E. Perry, Vanessa Rorai, JoAnn Smith, James R. Bridgforth, Brenda F. Evans, Adelia Cooley, Jamie Mitchell, and Kent Key

Older Entrepreneurs: Unsupported Economic Heroes
By Cal J. Halvorsen

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