What to Expect from On Aging 2023

The experience of time passing is said to be relative. We have all heard that the older you get, the faster the years seem to go by. But it’s also an interesting experience when time feels like a steady beat, slow and stable. Then, in a blink it passes, often determined by how much is happening around you.

If there is one occasion that bends this perception more than any other, it would be the time spent together at the On Aging conference. Much like the experience of having small children, it is a blur of activity with countless opportunities and conversations all happening simultaneously. Then there are moments that stand still, etched into our memory, as in when particularly profound speaker moves us to tears. Achieving a balance between enjoying the frenzy and stopping to soak in the meaningful moments is where the magic happens.

As an attendee, you also have a chance to experience ASA in action. Diversity and inclusion are hallmarks of our culture and infused in all that we do. Sessions will highlight multicultural perspectives, diversity- and equity-related content in all subject areas. The conference theme of advancing Health and Well-being will carry throughout the sessions.

The Hustle and Bustle

As in previous years, the On Aging 2023 conference will allow thousands of professionals in the aging sector to gather for the largest multidisciplinary conference in our field. With more than 400 sessions, posters, networking opportunities and experiences offered, there is no shortage of action. Our days together will be a flurry of activity from beginning to end.

Full days of educational content will be provided by fellow ASA members and experts in the field of aging, delivered in a variety of teaching styles to ensure every attendee can spend their time in an environment that appeals to them. This starts with the pre-conference programs highlighting the Age Tech Challenge, Managing for Excellence, Impact and Sustainability, and the Master Plan for Aging National Symposium.

Then we round out the week with an opportunity to choose between three different trips into the city of Atlanta to hear from the host city’s famous thought leaders. The options are examining the Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement at the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park; visiting the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum to discuss Caring for the Caregiver from Symptoms Through Bereavement, and touring Georgia Tech’s HomeLab to learn how Older Adults are integrated Into Research and Tech.

Making Meaningful Connections

Even with the endless activity and full schedule, On Aging also provides an environment that encourages making new connections, building partnerships, and reconnecting with one another. When we sit together in the same space, we all gain new insight and inspiration.

Roundtables and On Aging Collaboratives Live sessions that promote group conversation and brainstorming will be offered throughout the workshop schedule. The new Educational Resource Exchange will provide attendees an opportunity to see and hear about newly developed tools and resources in a friendly and inviting environment. There will be presenters who are well-known nationally, but also there will be representatives from community-based organizations who can detail what has and has not worked regarding providing services in their locations. Researchers will discuss their newest studies and projects, and direct care providers will share trends they are seeing in their work.

Every person is welcome and every voice will be heard at the giant metaphorical table that is On Aging. And between sessions, there are spaces available to continue conversations with new and old friends.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to register for On Aging 2023 here. We can’t wait to see you in Atlanta March 27–30, 2023.

Julia Burrowes, MA, is Thought Leadership & Impact Manager for ASA.