Telling the Truth About Dementia

Following the recent ASA Live sessions on Living (and Dying) with Dementia, this Compassion & Choices’ exhibit features three interactive pieces to provide insight into the importance of discussing the end-of-life experience, especially for people living with dementia.

The ASA Lives and the below exhibit are part of Beyond Generations, which acts as an extension of Generations Journal issues to enhance conversation around these crucial topics.

The Woods

Linda Rogen was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2021, after noticing changes in herself that others chalked up to anxiety or stress. Her father’s death from Parkinson’s has informed many of the decisions she is now making for herself, and the conversations she has with loved ones. Enjoying her family, her dog and hiking, Linda inspires the people around her to be present and authentic.



Doing it Out of Love

Having a roadmap for future care, especially when living with dementia, is the greatest gift you can give to the people you love. In this clip, experts Dr. Sonja Richmond, Registered Nurse Ottamissiah Moore and Psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere discuss the importance of having an advance directive.



How I Want to Live

Dan Winter was a long-time advocate for social issues, and after his diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s, he became a voice for people seeking options such as compassionate end-of-life care. In 2021, Dan died peacefully at home with his husband by his side. His words live on, and his perspective is invaluable to many who are beginning their own journey with a diagnosis.

Compassion & Choices offers useful tools for individuals living with dementia and their families.

For more information on death and dying and dementia and living well, check out these two issues of Generations Journal.

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