Spring 2022

Spring 2022

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Generations Journal is the quarterly journal of the American Society on Aging. Each issue is devoted to bringing together the most useful and current knowledge about a specific topic in the field of aging, with emphasis on practice, research, and policy.

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Visions for Aging Post COVID-19

Hard Lessons Learned and How to Move Forward While COVID Remains
Our Guest Editors

Photo of Robin Mockenhaupt
Robin Mockenhaupt
Photo of Edna Kane Williams
Edna Kane Williams

Elucidating Impacts, Navigating the New Normal in a Pandemic
By Robin Mockenhaupt and Edna Kane Williams

COVID’s Impact in Care Settings

View from the Nursing Frontline: COVID-19 and the Acute Care of Older Adults
By Anne Schmidt

Geriatric Emergency Departments and Their Targeted Response to COVID
By Kevin Biese and Adrienne Lesser

The COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis and its Impact on Long-Term Care and Assisted Living
By Ruth Katz and Katie Sloan

COVID’s Impact on Community-based Long-Term Services and Supports
By Susan C. Reinhard, Brendan Flinn, and Carrie Blakeway Amero

The Impact of COVID-19 on Direct Care Workers
By Robert Espinoza

Reimagining and Transforming Long-term Care
By Jean Accius and Edem Hado

Policy and Financial Impacts of COVID-19

The Economic Impact of the Pandemic on Older Adults
By Nikitra Bailey and Ashley Harrington

The Positive Impact of Public Health Engagement in Healthy Aging During the COVID-19 Pandemic
By Megan Wolfe, Jane Carmody, Nancy Wexler, Terry Fulmer, and J. Nadine Garcia

COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout for Elder Care Facilities: A Global Perspective
By Emi Kiyota

The Media’s Response to COVID-19: Personal Reflections from the Frontlines
By Soledad O’Brien

Social and Behavioral Impacts of COVID-19

The Political Determinants of Health and Health Equity in the Aging Population
By Daniel Dawes, Michael Donnell, Christian Amador, Maisha Standifer, Mahia Valle, Sara Houston, Tonyka McKinney, and Nelson Dunlap

The COVID Pandemic in Midlife and Older Persons in Mississippi
By Dr. Chigozie Udemgba, Dr. Kina White, Kenyada Blake-Washington, and Mary Shearrill

Mental Health Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic
By Katherine Ramos

Older Adults Share Their Pandemic Experiences
By Dr. Christine Himes, Chris Fordyce, and Ginny Smith

Double Jeopardy: COVID and Me
By Melanie L. Campbell

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