Quick COVID Risk Assessment Could Stop Spread

Heading into month 10 of the pandemic, we seem to have reached a point in the United States where either we are over-informed regarding COVID-19 risks and reality, anxious and abiding by all prevention mandates, or we are swayed by misinformation and going about our business almost as if there were no risk at all.

To better educate the 92 million at-risk Americans of their level of risk and how they can work harder to prevent potential infection for themselves and others, ASA has partnered with BellAge and multiple other concerned organizations to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths as we enter another pandemic surge.

Called the CV19 CheckUp Educate America Campaign, its main tool is an easy-to-use on any device questionnaire called the CV19CheckUp that one can take in about five minutes to assess specific risk level.

Designed for those considered high-risk, i.e., older adults, low-income individuals, ethnic and racial minorities and those in LBGTQ communities, the tool uses algorithms derived from U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization data. It’s free and confidential, there is no need to provide any identifying information beyond a Zip CODE. We also recommend those who are low-risk take it as well, to reduce their risk of spreading the virus to high-risk individuals.

After completing the questionnaire, the tool compiles a personalized report of risk categories such as how likely one is to get COVID-19 based on preexisting conditions, age, etc.; answers questions around if one were to contract COVID-19 how severe it might be; what steps to take to further reduce the risk of getting COVID-19; and where to find help to ensure any needs (medical, nutrition, mental health, housing, etc.) are met during the pandemic.

We’re asking all ASA members to spread the word about this handy tool that could be critical to stopping the spread.

Please visit CV19CheckUp to start the questionnaire now. And then pass it along to those you serve.