Fall 2021


Fall 2021

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Generations Journal is the quarterly journal of the American Society on Aging. Each issue is devoted to bringing together the most useful and current knowledge about a specific topic in the field of aging, with emphasis on practice, research, and policy.

Inside Fall 2021 Generations Journal

Care Is Fundamental
Photo of Josephine Kalipeni
Josephine Kalipeni

Pursuing Justice and Equity by Transforming How We Care
Our Guest Editor

A Look Back: Factors That Exacerbated the Crisis Moment

Care in the United States: Our Moment of Crisis
By Josephine Kalipeni

The Care Infrastructure: Building Across Movements
By Ai-jen Poo and Sade Moonsammy

Beyond Talk to Action: Experiences of Impact

Altering the Narratives We Are Told to Benefit Caregivers and the Work They Perform
By Bridget Antoinette Evans and Ishita Srivastava

Making it Work: Care, Blackness, and Generational Values
By Sade Dozan

Prison Is the Antithesis of Care: It’s Time to Invest in a Care Infrastructure Instead of a Carceral One
By Ifetayo Harvey

Youth Caregivers: Before, During, and After the Pandemic
By Feylyn Lewis

Policy and Politics Moving Forward

What’s Love Got to Do With It? An Argument Against Institutionalizing People with Severe Physical Disabilities
By Elaine Shelly

The Foundation of Care: Wages, Rights, Access, Equity, Housing, and Safety
By Leng Leng Chancey and Erica Clemmons-Dean

Raising Revenue for Good Social Public Policy
By Amanda Hollowell and Dominique Derbigny Sims

Centering BIPOC Voices the Only Way to Overhaul Our Care Infrastructure
By Namatie Mansaray

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