ASA Hosted the Largest In-person Conference on Aging Since the Pandemic Began

Almost 2,000 diverse professionals in aging returned last week to On Aging 2022, the largest conference in the aging field. After two years of working to serve the demographic that has been hardest hit by COVID-19, the American Society on Aging (ASA) hosted an event with 663 presenters and 365 sessions to support and connect ASA members as they unite, empower and champion one another to improve the lives of older adults throughout the country.

Central to this conference was the theme of Economic Security, as ASA looked back at the impacts of aging in America, how it has affected the diverse experience of older adults throughout our country; and forward to solutions for making that experience healthier, more equitable, more economically secure and more rewarding for all.

ASA is the largest multidisciplinary professional society for those who work in aging. Together with its membership of nearly 5,000 individuals and organizations from across the country, and a global audience, ASA provides education and resources to those who work with or on behalf of older adults.

On Aging 2022 is its annual national conference, which welcomes professionals from all areas of expertise to share best practices, new research and the latest trends to foster insights and advances in the field.

“Meeting in person remains the most compelling way to build a network, grow professionally, and drive change,” said Peter Kaldes, CEO, American Society on Aging.

The opening program featured AARP Purpose Prize Winner Raymond Jetson on the power of community, while closing event attendees heard from environmentalist and author Bill McKibben and workforce activist Ai-jen Poo on a call to action on climate and labor issues. This year, keynote speakers also included Honor Founder and CEO Seth Sternberg and Principal at Edward Jones Lamell McMorris on how innovation can impact the business of caregiving to how ageism affects financial security.

“Meeting in person remains the most compelling way to build a network, grow professionally, and drive change,” said Peter Kaldes, CEO, American Society on Aging.

Awards Announced

ASA also announced the recipients of its annual membership awards:

Hall of Fame Award: Larry Curley, Executive Director of the National Indian Council on Aging

ASA Award: Shelley Lyford, CEO & Chair West Health and Gary & Mary West Foundation

ASA President’s Award: Helen Dennis, Author, Columnist, Lecturer

Gloria Cavanaugh Award for Excellence in Training & Education: Sarah Swords, University of Texas–Austin

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award: The Centralina Area Agency on Aging–Pride in Care North Carolina Team

Student Research Award: Steph Lowrey-Wilson, Doctor of Education, Organizational Change and Leadership at the University of Southern California

New Board Members Appointed

During On Aging 2022, the ASA Board of Directors convened and announced the election of new officers, the Executive Committee and appointment of three new CEOs from the field of aging to its Board of Directors.

Executive Committee:

Chair: Lisa Gables, CEO, American Academy of Physician Associates

Chair-Elect: Robert Espinoza, Vice President of Policy, PHI

Treasurer: Richard Ashworth, President and CEO, Tivity Health

Secretary: Rani Snyder, Vice President, Program, The John A. Hartford Foundation

Members-at-Large: Mary Alexander, Chief of Staff, Honor; Ginna Baik, Senior Business Development Manager for Senior Living, Amazon; Najja R. Orr, President and CEO, Philadelphia Corporation for Aging

New Board Members:

Joon Y. Bang, CEO, Iona Senior Services

Jeffrey B. Klein, President & CEO, Nevada Senior Services

Simona Valanciute, President & CEO, San Diego Oasis

“We’re proud to have the nation’s most impactful leaders in aging on our Board of Directors,” said Kaldes. “I am looking forward to partnering with these new executives who will bring tremendous value to ASA with their expertise from across the public, private and nonprofit sectors.”

Photo: American Society on Aging President & CEO Peter Kaldes at the first keynote at On Aging 2022.