ASA Announces New Board Members

After a four month–long nominating and review process, ASA is very excited today to announce its newest board members. 

“It is imperative that our board be a powerful engine to help lead ASA into a changing future by fully representing a diverse cross section of ASA’s multidisciplinary membership and the older adults we serve. This year’s class of new ASA board members will more than fulfill our ambitious aspirations. Each new board member will no doubt provide the visionary leadership that ASA, and older Americans, need and deserve,” said Michael Adams, Chair, ASA Board of Directors.

The seven new board members will join the existing board immediately, and were approved by unanimous vote during an April 5 ASA Board of Directors meeting. At this same meeting, four board members stepped down, as their terms of service had come to an end.

New board members include:

Mary Alexander (Vice President, Home Instead)

Richard Ashworth (CEO, Tivity Health)

Najja Orr (President and CEO, Philadelphia Corporation for Aging)

Aiyshen Padilla (Vice President, Corporate Partnerships & Strategic Alliances, AARP)

Davis Park (Vice President, Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing)

Rani Snyder (Vice President, Program, The John A. Hartford Foundation)

Melissa Tischler (Senior Partner, Innovation, Lippincott)

“It is extremely important to us to have a board that reflects the diversity that exists across the United States in race, sexual orientation, religion, gender and age, but also a board that has a shared passion for our mission,” said ASA President and CEO Peter Kaldes.

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