Summer 2023

Summer 2023

Inside Summer 2023 Generations Journal

The Solo Ager

Our Guest Editor: A Solo Ager on Solo Aging
By Alison Biggar

Photo of Sara Zeff Geber
Sara Zeff Geber

Confronting the Challenges of Solo Aging
By Sara Zeff Geber

Why We Need a Broader Framework for Solo Agers
By Linda J. Camp

Preparing Solo Agers to Receive Long-term Care
By Joy Loverde

Navigating Solo Aging: The Unique Challenges Black Women Face
By Elizabeth White

Solo Aging in the LGBTQ+ Community
By Karen McPhail

Women Solo Agers in India: Concerns, Challenges, and Coping Strategies
By Manisha K. Shah

Professionals We Need

Key Financial Planning Considerations for Solo Agers
By Rob Lyman

Solo Agers Can Find Independence in Planning and Advocacy
By Eric J. Einhart, Judith M. Flynn, and Roberta K. Flowers

The Importance of Housing

Senior Living: An Alternative for Solo Agers
By Jill Vitale-Aussem

Cohousing: A Way for Solo Agers to Build and Maintain Community
By Charles Durrett

Shared Housing: Making a Golden Girls Home a Reality
By Annamarie Pluhar

Forget Me Not: Solo Agers, Too, Want to Be Remembered
By Mary Young and Allen Davis

Solo Aging and the Importance of Building a Local Support Network
By Carol Marak

Programming and Short Pieces

The Community-as-Family Model
By Wendl Kornfeld

The Backup Plan—A New Planning Model that Keeps Solo Agers in Mind
By Linda J. Camp

The Accidental Solo Ager
By Helen Dennis

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