Fall 2023

Fall 2023

How We Talk About Aging

Our Guest Editor: Complex Yet Compelling Take on Narratives About Aging
By Alison Biggar

Photo of Mark Luborsky
Mark Luborsky

How We Talk About Aging: Big and Smaller Picture Ways to Think About Scripts for Talking and Living Aging
By Mark Luborsky

Big Picture

Designing for Social Citizenship in the Everyday Human Built Environment
By Sophie Gaber & Anna Brorsson

Telling the Stories of Bodies
By Lindsay Kobayashi

Diverse Paths

Lessons from Ethnography in Poland: Beyond Dualistic Views of Aging
By Jessica Robbins-Panko

Coming Out Old: A Journey of Contradictions
By Renee McCoy

The Gendered Nature of Age Wars
By Susan Pickard

Biographers of Lives Lived Long

In Praise of Adventure: Changing the Narrative of Later Life
By Bill Randall

Still Writing—Not Done Aging Yet
By W. Andrew Achenbaum

Talking Careers in Aging: How Senior Gerontologists Speak About the Field’s Development

In Search of the Good Life
By Lena Borell

Life-Course Reflections on a Career in Aging
By Peter A. Lichtenberg

Reflections on Gerontology, Minorities, and Immigrants from the 1960s to the 2020s
By Kyriakos S. Markides

A More Complete Story of Aging: Age as Deficit and as Asset
By Nancy Morrow-Howell

Perspectives of a Social Gerontologist
By Marcia G. Ory

Charting a Course in Gerontology
By Ana Daugherty, Kelsey L. Canada, Alexis N. Chargo, Katherine Knauft, Candace E. Ryan, and Kimberly Shay

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